Join the #Blenditarian Movement


As a valued member of the School Nutrition Community, The Mushroom Council would like to invite you to take part in a new and exciting movement to do better.

Are you looking for ways to do better for your students? If so, join the blenditarian movement! What’s a blenditarian? Anyone who wants to “do better” – starting by blending mushrooms with meat.


One who believes that the mighty mushroom has meaty powers to make meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable!


The Blend has become a force to be reckoned with, making its way into 20% of schools*, across the United States.

Major manufacturers  and management companies such as JTM, Sodexo, Maid-Rite (The Rite Blend), and Advance-Pierre have embraced the benefits of The Blend — it can reduce fat and sodium, while boosting flavor and allows for larger portion sizes — and have developed prepared burgers, meatballs and crumbles to get onboard with the blenditarian movement and have taken the pledge.

Join the movement to “do better” for your health, planet and palate. We are inviting you, to join fellow schools, to take the blenditarian pledge.


Get Social

Share the new site,, to your channels with an invite to take the pledge and help us grow the community. Use the hashtag #Blenditarian to be featured on the Buzz page. Download the social graphic here.

Website Features

  • The Blend:
    The basics of The Blend boiled down in quick overviews, tips and how-tis.
  • Blenditarian Map:
    This is a living map of everyone who has pledged. Toggle between people, restaurants, Blended Burger Project participants and retailers – click on each pin to learn more about that person or place.
  • Buzz:
    Visitors can stay up-to-date on news, events and recipes – as well as share their personal experiences with The Blend – with this real-time, user-generated social media feed that follows the hashtags #Blenditarian, #BlendedBurgerProject and #BlendedBurger.

* This percentage is based on programs completed with Loudoun County Public Schools, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Coppell Independent School District, Montana School District, San Diego Unified School District, New Orleans Public Schools, Hickman Mills School District, Maplewood Richmond Heights, Southbend School District, Cincinnati Public Schools, Provo School District, and the 400+ School Districts that receive prepared blended products from Sodexo, as well as the hundreds of other schools who are recieving blended products from the dozens of blended products available by the school meat processors JTM, Advance Pierre, Maid Rite, Don Lee, Lower Valley Processing, Miami Beef and Jennie O.