Mushrooms in Schools Menu Calendar

From East Coast to West, Fresh & Frozen, Mushrooms are a hit! These recipe are collected from real schools, making real meals across the country!

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How Mushrooms Grow PosterStudent Materials:

Student Learning Exercises:

Mushroom Crafts: This free activity sheet includes instructions on how to create your own mushroom apron and mushroom cap, as well as an easy to print “Cap Crew” coloring sheet.

These free activity booklets feature fun mushroom games and activities for a variety of grades. Students will come away with a better understanding of mushrooms. Students can also develop their, math, spelling and listening skills.

Foodservice Materials:

Mushroom Undercover Agents by CSI

An exciting new menu promotion sponsored by Carroll Services features mushroom blended products and Mushroom Council materials. The downloadable kit contains; introductions, menus, product information and more! Visit CSI Food Pro to download >>