Don’t Forget to Add Mushrooms to your Foods Available List!


Remember to add USDA IQF Mushrooms (Material Code #110421) to your Foods Available list for your districts to order.

USDA IQF Diced Mushrooms can be used in menus to:

  • Top pizzas, sandwiches and burgers
  • Blend with pastas, sloppy joes and tacos to increase portion size
  • Divert to your processor for juicy burgers and meatballs
  • Increase flexibility in meeting guidelines while adding toppings students love
  • Increase consumption of vegetables by combining with popular consumed entrées


See here why schools already love the mushrooms!

Carmen Fischer

Carmen Fischer

Director of Child Nutrition Services & Warehouse / Rockwood School District

“We were excited to see mushrooms on our Missouri commodity open order list. It's always fun to experiment with new vegetables and to educate kids about them. We introduced the mushrooms in a Taste Test Tuesday recipe for marinated vegetables and are working on an egg Florentine soufflé using USDA eggs, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. We are looking forward to incorporating mushrooms into more recipes that our students enjoy.”

Eric Zacarias

Eric Zacarias

Manager of Marketing & Innovation / Cincinnati Public Schools

“Serving the Blend burger helps us keep our high school participation above 76%. The burger blended with mushrooms is a juicier, bigger patty with less fat and calories so we are able to add two slices of turkey bacon and cheese to the burger. The kids come in week after week because they know the Blend burger is on the menu that day. It was so popular we will be adding Blended meatballs to the menu to as well.”

USDA IQF Mushrooms are now available for Direct Delivery

Blending mushrooms with meat increases vegetable consumption, helps flavors pop with umami and increase entrée volumes. IQF mushrooms also help make preparing flavorful and satiable vegetarian options easier.

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee reported:
“An important strategy for meeting intake levels of calories, saturated fat and sodium is to change the composition of mixed dishes- Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta or rice, stir fries, soups and meat and poultry dishes – that are high in calories, saturated fat and sodium to better meet these goals.”

Meat + Mushrooms = Solution.

USDA IQF Diced Mushrooms, Material #110421 40-Pound IQF Bulk Case

Easy to handle from a frozen state for most recipe applications.

IQF mushrooms blended with meat reduces sodium while increasing flavor, volume of the entrée, moisture (especially during holding) and helps to increase consumption of vegetables. Mushrooms are a reasonably priced, value added vegetable option.

Mushrooms can add flavor and diversity through a variety of easy culinary applications.

  • Add to your beef or turkey crumble recipes
    • IQF mushrooms blend easily with thawed crumbles
    • Both beef and turkey crumbles soak up the “mushroom au jus” and create a moist and tender crumble
  • Add to your raw turkey entrées
    • Keeps turkey moist and tender while boosting flavor
  • Add into your sauces and gravies
    • Hunter’s brown gravy made easier
    • Sausage gravy becomes meatier
  • Oven roast the mushrooms, from frozen, for a quick and easy pizza or sandwich topper
    • Make popular and flavorful vegetarian pizzas
    • Transform meat pizzas into the popular “supreme” by adding mushrooms
  • Season your roasted mushrooms and add to all your“self-serve bars”
  • Add mushrooms to stir-fries, fajitas, rice bowls and more

The Food Buying Guide does not currently have a yield for cooked diced mushrooms, but currently states:

  • 0.42 oz. serving of cooked, drained mushrooms credits as 1/8 cup other vegetable
  • 6.02 lbs. of fresh raw sliced mushrooms yields 100 – 1/8 cup cooked, drained mushrooms

Current in-house yield pending USDA Food Buying Guide updates:

  • When blending IQF mushrooms with crumbles or raw ground meat:
    • 6.04 lbs. IQF mushrooms yields 100 – 1/8 cup cooked, drained other vegetable
    • 1 oz. IQF mushrooms yields 1/8 cup cooked, drained other vegetable
  • When oven roasting IQF mushrooms:
    • 8 lbs. IQF mushrooms yields 100 – 1/8 cup cooked, drained other vegetable

Consider adding USDA IQF Mushrooms, material #110421, to your Direct Deliveries for SY 2016/2017.

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