IQF Diced Mushroom Instructional Videos

The Mushroom Council is thrilled to partner with Dayle Hayes, Registered Dietitian and Samantha Gasbarro, Chef & Nutritionist at Windham-Raymond School District to present these four training videos demonstrating how to utilize USDA IQF Mushrooms. Mushrooms are showing up on school menus, social media and industry presentations! However, we know that these umami rich, diced mushrooms can be a bit of a puzzle for preparing in school meals, especially for those who have not prepared mushrooms before. We have heard the requests and are excited to share four new training videos to easily illustrate a few simple ways mushrooms can be added to the menu for maximum flavor, nutrition and portion extension.

Basic Handling and Storage of IQF Mushrooms

How to Oven Roast IQF Mushrooms

How to use IQF Mushrooms and Crumbles to make Blended Tacos

How to Menu IQF Mushrooms